Try-Out Eligibility

1. Residency:

Your son or daughter must be a resident of Acton or Boxborough and/or be a full-time student at an Acton or Boxborough public school.

2. Age:

In general, players may have stayed back one year and started kindergarten a year “late” and still be eligible to play with their classmates. If your son or daughter is significantly older than his/her classmates, please contact us so we can verify league eligibility.

Players may NOT play up without permission from the Board of Directors. Meaning, if your child is a talented fifth grader, please do NOT sign up for sixth grade tryouts without first discussing this with A-B Travel Basketball. This is an Acton-Boxborough rule.

Players may not play DOWN under any circumstances per league rules. Meaning, a young sixth grader is never eligible to play for a fifth grade team. This is a CMYBL (league) rule.

3. Pre-Registration and Fee:

A completed registration form, payment of your non-refundable $30 registration fee, and any uniform costs must be submitted in order to try-out. If your child is not selected for a team, the uniform costs will be refunded to your credit card. No family with an outstanding balance from last season may register for tryouts until that fee is rectified.

For players selected for a team, the balance of the cost for the season is due on or before November 1 (cash, check, or money order only).

After Monday, October 7, a $10 late fee will also apply. If a player withdraws from participation after being notified s/he made the team, your entire season’s participation fee for the season is forfeited.

4. Try-Outs:

All potential players must try-out for a team. Playing on a travel team last season does not guarantee a slot again this year. Under appropriate circumstances, a player may be permitted to miss part or all of one try-out session assuming notification has been given ahead of time. In fairness to those who do try-out, without previous notification and a discussion with the Board of Directors, no potential player who misses attending a portion of or all of both try-out sessions may be considered for a team.