Try-Out Eligibility

1. Residency:

Your son or daughter must be a resident of Acton or Boxborough and/or be a full-time student at an Acton or Boxborough public school.

2. Age:

8th graders must be born on/after August 1, 2001.
7th graders must be born on/after August 1, 2002.
6th graders must be born on/after August 1, 2003.
5th graders must be born on/after August 1, 2004.
4th graders must be born on/after August 1, 2005.
* Players must try out for the grade they are in. Trying out for an older team is not permitted without prior discussion with the Board of Directors”

3. Date of Birth Verification

A child who has not tried out for an Acton-Boxborough travel team before must submit a photocopy of his/her birth certificate or passport with their registration material. Please do not send us an original as it will NOT be returned to you.

4. Pre-Registration and Fee:

A completed registration form, DOB verification (not required if the player has submitted one in prior seasons), and payment of your non-refundable $30 registration fee must be submitted in order to try-out. After Friday, September 29, a $10 late fee will also apply. If a player withdraws from participation after being notified s/he made the team, your entire season’s participation fee for the season is forfeited.

5. Try-Outs:

All potential players must try-out for a team. Playing on a travel team last season does not guarantee a slot again this year. Under appropriate circumstances, a player may be permitted to miss part or all of one try-out session assuming notification has been given ahead of time. In fairness to those who do try-out, without previous notification and a discussion with the Board of Directors, no potential player who misses attending a portion of or all of both try-out sessions may be considered for a team.