Shooting Contest Rules And Schedule

C O N T E S T     F O R M A T

The Free Throw and 3-Pointer contests are the most popular part of the tournament for many people. They are a fun addition to the regular game schedule and we are glad to be able to bring them back again this year!

  1. Prior to the tournament, please designate one player from your team to participate in the free throw contest and ideally a different player to participate in the 3-pointer contest. You are the one that decides which players participate however in order to best compete, they should probably be stronger shooters from your team. You do not need to give us the names ahead of time, we will collect them at the contest.
  1. At the designated time, have these two players show up at the gym. Many teams have their entire roster show up to cheer your shooters on. Also, it’s a great idea to have some teammates on the floor to help feed your shooter basketballs in the 3-pointer contest.
  1. The 3-pointer contest is timed. Each shooter will be given 1 minute to make as many 3-pointers as possible. Only shots where the shooter starts with both feet behind the 3-point arc will be counted. There is no limit to the number of basketballs or rebounders that may be used.
  1. The free throw contest is not timed (within reasonable expectations). Each shooter will take 10 regulation free throws (travel team rules).
  1. In the event of a tie in either contest, we will go to an untimed sudden death style playoff. Meaning, Player A will take one shot; if it goes in, Player B must make his/her shot.
  1. The winner of each of these contests will take home a special trophy.


Boys 5

Thursday @ 5:30pm Jr. High School

Boys 6

Thursday @ 3:20pm HS Fieldhouse Gym

Boys 7

Wednesday @ 3:30pm HS Lower Gym
Boys 8 Thursday @ 6:30pm HS Fieldhouse Gym
Girls 5 Wednesday @ 2:45pm Jr. High School
Girls 6 Wednesday @ 1:00pm HS Lower Gym

Girls 7

Wednesday @ 5:20pm HS Fieldhouse Gym

Girls 8

Thursday @ 2:50pm Jr. High School