Driving Directions

D R I V I N G   D I R E C T I O N S

Both the Jr. High and the High School are on the same campus however if you are not familiar, it can be confusing to get between the two schools. Especially with the High School, it is important you follow the below directions to make sure you know where to park and which doors to use as all doors except for the entrances listed below will be locked.

There are two gyms inside the High School (Fieldhouse and Lower Gym). There is one gym at the Jr. High School.

Note: DO NOT rely on GPS to find the School Campus addresses; they may put you in the wrong location.

For the R. J. Grey Junior High

Take Route 495 to Route 2 East. Follow directions for “FROM WEST”
Take Route 128 to Route 2 West. Follow directions for “FROM EAST”


  • Take Route 2 West to Acton. Turn left on Exit 43, Route 111 (note this is a left hand exit off Route 2). Go straight through the light (intersection of Rt. 111 and Rt. 27). Take the first right onto Charter Road (school campus).


  • Take Route 2 East to Exit 42—the Acton/Maynard exit. Turn right onto Route 27 at the end of the ramp. At the first light (about 1/2 mile), turn right onto Route 111. At the first right, turn onto Charter Road (school campus).

R. J. Grey is the first building on your left. Park in the lower lot across from the tennis courts or there is additional parking past around the back of the building. The gym entrance is the tall brick chimney facing Route 111 that says “Blanchard Auditorium” on it. Park only in legal spots; the yellow curbs around the driveway in front of the gym are all fire lanes that the police patrol frequently.

For the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School (Fieldhouse & Lower Gym)

Take Route 495 to Route 2 East
Take Route 128 to Route 2 West

  • Take Route 2 to Exit 42—the Route 27 Acton/Maynard exit. From the West, turn left at the end of the ramp (towards Acton, not Maynard). From the East, turn right at the end of the ramp (towards Acton, not Maynard). Approximately half a mile after turning onto Route 27, turn left onto Hayward Road. The High School is approximately one mile down Hayward Road, on the left. There are multiple entrances for the High School off Hayward Road. Look for the green plastic mailbox on your right that says “97” on the side of it. Turn into the parking lot that is directly across from that mailbox.
    • For the High School Lower Gym, enter the gym through the double doors between the loading dock and the dumpsters. This will be directly in front of you when you take that off Hayward across from the green mailbox. Park in any legal spot.
    • For the High School Fieldhouse Gym, after you turn into the parking lot from Hayward Road, take a quick right into the “upper” lot. Park in any of the three tiers of parking there and enter the Fieldhouse Gym through the bank of doors at the very far end of that lot.