Dear Coach:

We are looking forward to our annual February Vacation Week Invitational and we are now ready to begin accepting registrations for this year’s event. This year will be the 23rd year that we have hosted the tournament.

Like last year, the tournament will occur from Wednesday-Sunday of February vacation week. The dates this year are February 19-23, 2020. Weekday games will start after 12:00pm and run through the evening; weekend games will start after 8:00am and run through the evening. All teams will be scheduled for a minimum of three games in a round robin format. We will host boys divisions from 4th-8th grade and girls divisions from 5th-8th grade (note that for 4th grade boys, if we do not get enough teams to have a dedicated bracket, we will offer those teams an opportunity to play in the 5th grade bracket).

These are single divisions for each age group (no “A” or “B”) and are open to travel team level basketball teams only (no AAU, all star, etc).

In addition to your games, all teams will be given the opportunity to participate in our famous three-point and free throw contests. Winners of those contests will receive a special award. And finally, should your team make it to the finals, each player on the championship and runner up team will receive a trophy.

We will try to work around minimal schedule conflicts you may have however as you may appreciate, with a tournament, if you are going to be unavailable more often than not, this may not be the event for you. If by chance your entire team has school during this week, let us know. We can schedule you for later games on the weekdays. Everyone else, we will try our best to only schedule you for one weekday afternoon game and give you a second weekday where you don’t play at all. We do wish to emphasize though that once the schedule comes out, you need to be here for any games you are scheduled for. Forfeits because of a schedule conflict you didn’t tell us about are unfair to your opponent and will result in your entire program not being invited back to participate in the future.

We plan to use the two gyms at the High School and the one gym at the Jr. High School. Each gym has a single regulation size court. All of our gyms are well maintained, have plenty of seating, and have electronic wall mounted scoreboards (the Jr. High has a brand new wood floor and bleachers). All games will be officiated by two qualified IAABO certified basketball officials. At any given time, only one game will be played in any single gym (no “curtain” gyms with multiple games going inside on at once). Concession stands will be operating to accommodate those who attend. There are also many local eateries and coffee shops within a five minute drive of the gyms.

If you are interested in participating, please scroll to the top of this page and hold your mouse over the “tournament” tab which leads to the registration form. Fill this form out in its entirety and be ready with your credit card information to cover your team registration fee of $275.00.

Once again, you will be able to pre-order optional tournament t-shirts for your team at an affordable price (there is no mark-up; we will offer them to you at the price they cost us to buy them). If you would like to order t-shirts, we recommend you do so at the time you sign up as there will not be many extras available to purchase in person at the tournament.

As you may know, vacation week basketball tournaments tend to fill up quickly. Be advised that we do not “hold” slots for any team based on phone calls or e-mails and being referred to this website by an Acton-Boxborough coach does not guarantee your team a slot. Your registration form and payment (both are required) are the only thing that will confirm your participation.

Prior to signing up, we require all coaches to read through the tournament rules and release of liability statement. By continuing to the registration forms link at the bottom of this page, you are attesting that you have read through this page and you understand participation in this tournament is done so at your team’s own risk.

Finally, the Acton-Boxborough coaches kindly request that you do not publicize this website to other teams. We run this tournament as a 100% invitational event and teams that register but were not solicited by an Acton-Boxborough coach will be turned away. If you know of other teams that may be interested in playing, by all means refer them to the appropriate Acton-Boxborough coach.

To register for the tournament, follow this link. For your registration to be complete, you need to fill out that form and pay the registration fee.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you in February at this year’s February Invitational.

To register for the tournament, click here:

Dee Biggs, Josh Hammer, Bob Jackson, David Poplyk, Sean O’Sullivan and Ben Smith
~2020 Tournament Directors~