Release Form

1. I hereby acknowledge that the Acton-Boxborough Travel Basketball Program, it’s tournament committee, it’s tournament volunteers, the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District, and the Blanchard School in Boxborough are not liable or responsible for any injuries or loss of equipment associated with my team’s participation in the 22nd annual Acton-Boxborough February Invitational Basketball Tournament (“the tournament”).

2. I understand that each team is responsible for obtaining it’s own insurance and for ensuring that the policy covers my team’s participation in the tournament.

3. I understand that once published, changes will not be made to the tournament game schedule. Therefore, I understand that my team may be scheduled to play after 12:00noon on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, and anytime during the morning, afternoon, or evening on Saturday or Sunday.

4. Once scheduled for a tournament game, I promise my team will be there and I understand that forfeits or no-shows may result in all teams from my town being dismissed from participation in future Acton-Boxborough tournaments.

5. I hereby declare that my team is not an AAU-team (a basketball team with an AAU charter or a non-AAU chartered team formed to participate in AAU events).

6. I declare that all players on my team are resident of the same town or attend the same regionalized school district (meaning, this is a travel team). Exception: If this is a travel team team participating in a league and the league has granted permission for me to play with the roster I am entering this winter, it is acceptable for this tournament as well.

7. I hereby declare that all players on my team meet the following age guidelines as defined by the Central Massachusetts Youth Basketball League:

5th grade: Born on/after January 1, 2006    6th grade: Born on/after January 1, 2005
7th grade: Born on/after January 1, 2004    8th grade: Born on/after January 1, 2003

8. I hereby declare that no players on my team are in a grade higher than the division in which I am entering, even if they fit the age criteria. Meaning, a young sixth grader may not play on a fifth grade team. Exceptions to this rule may be made however only with permission of the tournament directors.

9. I understand that anyone asked to leave the tournament by a tournament official or referee is prohibited from reentering the school grounds again for the duration of the tournament. I understand there will be no tolerance for poor sportsmanship by coaches, players, or spectators, and I will do my best to control the behavior of anyone associated with my team.

10. I understand that weather cancellations will be made only by tournament officials and with the limited schedule, if games do need to be cancelled, they may not be made-up.

11. I understand that once registered, if I need to withdraw from participation, a refund will only be granted should another team be found to participate in my place.