8th Grade Boys

8th Grade Boys

Wednesday, February 20

  • No 8th grade boys games on Wednesday.

Thursday, February 21

Friday, February 22

  • 2:20 @ HS Lower Gym: Acton-Boxborough _____ vs. Waltham _____
  • 2:50 @ Jr. High School: Marlboro _____ vs. Methuen _____

Saturday, February 23

  • 9:30 @ HS Lower Gym: Waltham _____ vs. Marlboro _____
  • 10:40 @ HS Lower Gym: Acton-Boxborough _____ vs. Methuen

Sunday, February 24

  • 12:20 @ Jr. High School: 1st place ____________ vs. 2nd Place ______________

Division Explanation: This is an 4-team bracket. Each team plays the three other teams in the bracket once. The top two teams advance to the championship game on Sunday.

Tie Breaker (if needed): Head to head record first. Did the teams play each other? If not, we look at the TOTAL point differential for the three games with no more than 20 points counted towards any single game. So, if a team is 2-1 and won their first game 34-30 (+4 points), won their second game 55-12 (+20 points), and lost their third game 32-22 (-10 points), they are at +14 points for the tournament. Still a tie after that? A coin toss will break the tie.