4th Grade Boys

4th Grade Boys

Wednesday, February 19

  • No 4th grade boys games on Wednesday.

Thursday, February 20

Friday, February 21

  • 1:30 @ HS Lower Gym: Lunenburg _____ vs. Leominster _____
  • 4:20 @ HS Fieldhouse Gym: Acton-Boxborough _____ vs. Oakmont _____

Saturday, February 22

  • 3:20 @ Jr. High School: Acton-Boxborough _____ vs. Leominster _____
  • 4:30 @ Jr. High School: Lunenburg _____ vs. Oakmont _____

Sunday, February 23

  • 12:10 @ HS Fieldhouse Gym: 1st place ____________ vs. 2nd Place ______________

Division Explanation: This is a 4-team division. You will play three other teams in this division once for three games total. The top two teams advance to the championship game on Sunday.

Tie breaker (if needed) to determine who advances to championship game: (1) head-to-head record; (2) total point differential for the three games played at the tournament with no more than 20 points counted towards any single game; (3) coin toss. Note: For Acton with the extra game, should they need point differential, they will take the total point differential for four games (20 points max counted for any single game), divided by four, and then multiplied by three to get an “average” total.