Coaches & Staff: 2019-2020

Board of Directors:
Co-President & Director of Boys Basketball: Dee Biggs (dee.biggs -at-
Co-President & Director of Girls Basketball: David Poplyk (david.poplyk -at-
Vice President & Assistant Director of Boys Basketball: Bob Jackson (bob.jackson -at-
Vice President & Assistant Director of Girls Basketball: Sean O’Sullivan (sean.osullivan -at-
Vice President & Assistant Director of Girls Basketball: Ben Smith (ben.smith -at-
Executive Director & Commissioner of CMYBL: Josh Hammer (josh.hammer -at-

2019-2020 Coaches (head coaches may be emailed using the format
Head coaches for the 2019-2020 season will be announced by early October.
Assistant coaches for all teams will be announced after tryouts and when players have been assigned to a team. 

Administrative Staff:
Program Administrator: Deanne O’Sullivan (deannewos-at-
** Deanne handles all gym bookings through the schools and weekday team practices
Program Administrator: Cathie Dyer (cathie.dyer -at-
** Cathie handles uniforms and other team needs, gym bags, website updates, and gym lock-ups
Program Administrator: Jocelyn Woodruff (jocelyn.woodruff -at-
** Jocelyn handles player registration and paperwork/payment collection + the tournament volunteer schedule

Staff Schedulers: